Youth Ministry is dedicated to revealing the Gospel in our daily lives, transforming our communities, and preaching the good news to all people. As creative and committed Christians, we work daily to quench the spiritual drought in our cityscapes and restore the hearts of many around the world.

Immanuel Youth Group is a group of proactive, outreaching Christians, whose youth and passion are spent on bringing glory to God’s name.

You are about to dive into the deep Word of God with our staff members at your local fellowships and university campuses. I sincerely pray that Youth Group will strengthen you spiritually and that you will be fully equipped in spirit and truth while you walk on this faith journey.


Family forms the first environment for the children born on earth. It bridges everyone from the natural birth to the existence standing individually before God. We are deeply aware of the importance of serving the families established on truth and nourishing them to be graceful in all aspects of life. The biblical virtue in terms of family is constantly taught and delivered through the seminars and meetings to uphold the families healthy.


What we pray is the relationship with God. The prayer is the breath just like people who breathe. It’s the breath of believer.If the breath stops, the life is over. Just as the breath never stops, we should live as we always pray with faith and as we form the relationship with God well.


The vision that Teen Ministry maintains is to bring the everlasting hope of Jesus Christ to teenagers in this city. Though in a society where teenagers are exposed to numerous paths that lead them away from God, this generation has great potential in the eyes of the Lord. Once teens experience the salvation of Jesus Christ, teenagers will be a bright light in the darkest places and bring revival to the Church.

This ministry is dedicated to offer youth the care their spirit needs through offering opportunities that allow them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Through providing teenagers with the resources they need, they will become powerful leaders in their schools and in their community. Additionally, this ministry focuses on raising spiritual mentors that will support local teenagers in following Jesus Christ and participating in the Kingdom of God.